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Where To Go In The Bahamas? 5 Places Not To Be Missed To Visit In The Bahamas

Novice divers will appreciate the shallow diving on most islands, and the fact that you don’t have to go too far to get remarkable views, or to see fish and other marine life you’ve never encountered before. The Abaco Islands are located north of the new Providence and Paradise Island. Harbor Island can be found in the Eleuthera Islands chain, but it is worth mentioning separately. Promotions about Harbor Island usually focus on the island’s pink sandy beaches.

Colorful and contemporary rooms have a French balcony with views of the harbor or the ocean. Stay here and you will have access to the facilities of the largest complex, including a kids’ club, a casino, an exclusive golf course and a selection of restaurants, bars and lounges. The Cove at Atlantis: The most prestigious ocean-themed management on Atlantis Paradise Island, the luxurious Cove at Atlantis welcomes guests with an idyllic outdoor lobby.

Go diving, diving, swimming with dolphins, feeding sharks and even having fun at the Fish Friday event in Grand Bahama; The sky is the limit when it comes to finding things to do on this island. Grand Bahama is home to cities such as Freeport and Lucaya, interesting and convenient spaces where you can relax, shop, discover and find good entertainment. You can also try golf, water sports and jamming at beach parties, with plenty of time to enjoy lonely beaches and relatively intact parts of the island.

The largest of the Bahama Islands, Andros, is also the least populated and offers the opportunity to own part of their own island without the high price. Here, locals make waterproof stromands, batik and other crafts, and visitors will also find fascinating blue holes, excellent bone and diving fishing. The island is home to the oldest dive shop in the world, the second largest coral reef in the Western Hemisphere, and is covered in vast areas of wetlands that create perfect channels for bone fishing.

In any case, if you need a quick dose of sun to spend the winter, Bimini is your place. With only 1,500 inhabitants spread over 150 square miles, it would be difficult to find a less densely populated Bahamian island. You will not find any Paradise Island-style resorts here; in fact, most properties feel like a bed and breakfast on Cat Island. You won’t find a wide variety of places to eat or drink, like you would on Harbor Island.

There aren’t many restaurants and bars to choose from either, but you’ll find a few and lots to do. All in all, get ready for a disconnected vacation on Cat Island, so pack up some books. Visit a different beach every day of the week if you want to be on Long Island, or spend the day fishing, sailing or just exploring this pristine island, the largest of the islands in the southern part of the Bahamas.

Before you retire at night, you can have a cocktail in the lounge or shake a leg at the Aura nightclub. Many of the wonderful things to do in the Bahamas are in Nassau and New Providence, especially for families and fun seekers. Located just south of Florida on the northernmost point, east of Cuba and north of Turks and Caicos Islands, the Bahamas consist of more powerboat tours bahamas than 700 individual islands and 2,000 cays. The islands of the Bahamas cover more than 13,900 square kilometers and many of the islands are incredibly beautiful and extremely pristine with crystal clear and virgin water. Impressively beautiful and exactly what you would expect from a virgin island in the middle of the ocean, these islands will just surprise you.

Visit the Bahamas to relax on the most secluded white sandy beaches, take a boat trip to discover beautiful islands and dive on the coral reefs. Our Bahamas travel guide will help you navigate the many island adventures available. Do you want to lie on the famous beaches or splash around with water sports such as diving, diving or parasailing?? You may be a nature lover and prefer to follow the trails or visit the marine habitat, nature reserves or national parks. Or you’d rather go back in time with a cultural tour on foot, pose for photos with your famous swimming pigs or enjoy a few days of fun and pampering at Atlantis Resort, the Bahamas’ most famous place to stay.

Remember that recurring dream you had about resting on the Caribbean coasts, drinking cocktails and tanning evenly while being refreshed in the refreshing tropical breeze? Well, that dream can come to life on Cat Island, which is the answer to most questions about the island’s perfect getaway. Cat Island is anything but vibrant and is considered the most picturesque of all the outer islands of the Bahamas. Diving on the south coast of Cat Island is an experience not to be missed as you explore this almost virgin island full of things to amaze you. Cat Island becomes even more special because of the pink sandy beach, which is an 8 mile piece of perfection. Do not expect chic hotels, resorts or villas here, you should settle for bed & breakfast accommodation.

Essentially Bahamian with its red striped lighthouse, this place attracts thousands of residents, Americans and tourists from all over the world to the perfect palm-lined beaches. Beach lovers can also enjoy the beautiful pristine pink and white sandy beaches. The island also houses Dean’s Blue Hole, the deepest known saltwater blue hole in the world. From Bimini big game fishing and the pink sandy beaches of Harbor Island to bone fishing, regattas and outdoor twists without overcrowding, it’s hard to beat the Bahamas. For those visiting the New Year, don’t miss Junkanoo’s throbbing drums and kaleidoscopic costumes, the country’s most popular festival. The island also has three national parks, including Lucayan National Park, with mangrove trails for hikers or riders.